Cheshire Village at Home

Cheshire Village at Home helps seniors stay in their homes independently, with a little help.

We are a membership organization for people over 50, and we provide you with a single point to access a network of trained volunteers, offering support services and programs. Once you are a member, one call sets you up with a ride, help at home, social visits, or wellness calls as often as you want.  We also hold free social events such as coffees, ice cream socials, and presentations by local experts.

We are an entirely local program serving western Cheshire County, and we are not a real estate development nor a retirement community.


For an annual fee of $400 per household*, one phone call provides access to those services which often cause seniors to leave their homes for a more restrictive setting. As a program of the Keene Senior Center, the annual fee for Cheshire Village at Home includes a membership to the Keene Senior Center.

Enrollment is ongoing for people who expect to need such services shortly or who simply want to support this program to ensure it will be available when needed.

Call Cheshire Village at Home for more information: 603-903-9680

Call Cheshire Village at Home for more information: 603-903-9680

What we do

Our volunteers:

  • give rides for medical appointments, grocery shopping, social visits, or any other reason
  • help you with occasional minor chores in your home such as changing hard to reach batteries and light bulbs, repairing a loose door handle, or even flipping your mattress!
  • make check-in or social calls to you on a daily, weekly, or other basis.

The following are some examples of tasks that we do for our members:

  • Hang pictures or mirrors
  • Fix/replace a hinge/door knob
  • Lubricate door hinges
  • Take down/put up a curtain rod/curtains
  • Replace light bulbs (12 ft. max height)
  • Replace furnace/ refrigerator/ AC filters
  • Flip bed mattresses
  • Set up TV/cable/garage remotes
  • Change smoke alarm or remote-control batteries
  • Help with computer issues
  • Install PC software or new hardware (only when member is present to enter passwords)
  • Program a thermostat
  • Reset breakers or GFI…once
  • Winterize a foundation (hay, plastic, etc.)
  • Attach/remove window film for winter
  • Pull down storm windows
  • Lift heavy boxes
  • Bring things down from attic using pulldown ladder (with second volunteer)
  • Put up/bring down seasonal clothing
  • Install shower head
  • Replace toilet seat, toilet tank flapper, adjust tank water level
  • Paint mail box
  • Replace a door screen
  • Replace/repair doorbells
  • Repair, tighten, bring in, or bring out a garden hose
  • Bring in or take out patio furniture
  • Repot house plants
  • Weed garden
  • Install solar yard lights

Learn More

For more information or to learn if your town is included, call Cheshire Village at Home: 603-903-9680. 

Our office hours are:


9:00 AM to 12:00 noon

Outside of those hours, please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

Volunteers needed!

* Where do my annual fees go?

Your $400 annual fee goes to pay expenses such as staff costs. We have 3 part-time employees who work a combined total of 50-60 hours a week performing office duties: answering phones, coordinating all of the service requests, calling members etc.   Other expenses include; technology costs; the software for the system and phone line costs for the system, office supplies like toner, paper and ink, expenses for the socials we provide for our members, paying the bookkeeper who monitors our account, insurance, advertising events and printing brochures and more.

We have a lot of volunteers who provide services that are priceless to our organization and we could not provide the services without them.  If we had to pay for all of the rides, calls, and other services the cost would be huge to our village members.

Participants chatting while waiting for a Fire Safety presentation to begin.

Participants chatting while waiting for a Fire Safety presentation to begin.